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This blog documents my experience with the adjustable gastric band. The surgery took place in July, and thus the pre-op and post-op information can be found in the July archive.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dearborn Park

I found a for sale by owner property this afternoon, so we drove over this evening to take a look. It was too small, but we took an hour to comb through the whole neighborhood looking for other units for sale. We got a few leads.

I'm listening to a good book right now: The Tenth Circle, by Jody Piccoult. Someone on here suggested Jody Piccoult's My Sister's Keeper, and when that wasn't available right away I checked this one out instead. It's about this couple and their teenage daughter. She comes home one night claiming she was date-raped. At first it's presented that the rape unequivocally happened, but now little facts keep coming out and now the rape claim is starting to maybe unravel. Meanwhile the parents are trying to bounce back from infidelity.

Another awesome book that I've been listening to is The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. A Baptist minister from Georgia drags his wife and four daughters to the Belgian Congo to be missionaries in 1969-ish. It's right as Belgium granted Congo its independence, and all hell totally breaks loose. The daughters each take turns narrating, and the five year old's take on their new life is hilarious. I'm holding off on the rest of it because I want Mr. Kennedy to listen to it with me.

I also listened to Jude Deveraux's The Blessing and The Mulberry Tree. Both were fairly typical romances. Good, but with large logical gaps. But pretty decent reads. Both of them could have used more sex scenes.


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